Hotel Location

Apart from the captivating design of these luxury apartments, the 2nd best thing about Sun Ray Beach Life Apartments is the location! The apartments are located on the main road of Agia Marina, in walking distance from the beach. Agia Marina is a very popular tourist destination of Chania prefecture, just 9km west from the center of Chania city. The fine sanded beach measures 2km and is one of the most organized in the prefecture. Lifeguards, water activities, beach bars and restaurants are all concentrated on this beautiful beach in order to accommodate every taste. What characterizes your sea view in Agia Marina is the Thodorou island. In the summer season, this town is full of life from dusk till dawn. Restaurants, bars, tavernas, super markets, pharmacies, bus stops, banks, are all at one’s feet, offering our guests a wide range of amenities.

There are all sorts of means of transportation to explore the wider area. Seize the opportunity by car, bicycle, a 4X4 buggy or even the little fun train. Visit authentic Cretan villages in the countryside, trail hike through fascinating gorges, and swim in picture perfect wild beaches. The area has a bit of something for everyone.

Chania City

Either by car, bus or bicycle, don’t forget to visit the world famous city and old town of Chania, Crete which is a mere 9km distance away from our location. It is a fascinating city with historic landmarks found everywhere within a maze of picturesque alleys.

The city dates back in ancient times with the name Kydonia. In the Byzantine era, the first walls were built in order to protect the city from Arab conquerors. During the Venetian period, 1204-1645A.C., the walls were reinforced and the old town retained its development as we know it today. The city was renamed La Canea, and it was a period during which the city flourished financially and culturally. Once again in 1645, the ruling of the city changed hands when the ottomans invaded it. The Ottomans’ ruling lasted up until 1898, leaving their mark everywhere around the city.

Today Chania city is a modern city with all of the amenities one may find in larger urban centers. However the old city with the Venetian harbor and its famous lighthouse retain their old charm as a historic and cultural blend of the invaders and conquerors that left their mark. Most evident is the different architectural styles that prevail. The old town of Chania now boasts restaurants for all tastes, coffee shops, bars and commercial shops and it is very lively especially during sunset time. Tip: enjoy a horse carriage ride or a day cruise that sets sail from the old harbor.